Shutdown Announcement!

/devmark will shutdown on the 1st May 2020 - beyond this point your bookmark data will be deleted!

Please export your data via the settings section of the extension (the gear icon in the bottom right after you login). The html file you export is in a format that all modern browsers should be able to import. After 1st May 2020 you will no longer be able to access your data. If you have an issue exporting your data send an email to [email protected] This email is not monitored daily so it may be up to a week before you receive a response. If you miss the 1st May 2020 deadline there may be a small period of grace where I can recover your data - but there is every chance after that date the data will be gone forever.

The reasons this extension is being shutdown is that it has been running since October 2015 but the numbers of active users has been extremely low. Due to cost and maintenance reasons, the backend service for this extension will be shut down which means the extension will be unable to access any data.

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  • Smart search instead of tags & folders
  • Keyboard users as first class citizens
  • Pin your favorite sites
  • Assign shorcuts to your pinned site
  • Import & Export your data
  • Duck Duck Go bang integration
  • Synced across machines
  • Multi-browser support Coming SoonTM

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Quick Start

To use devmark click the install link (above) for the browser of your choice. Once it is installed you should see the new icon /din your browser. You can interact with devmark through the use of either the mouse or keyboard (or a bit of both). If you prefer to use the keyboard you should check out the Learn Key Bindings section. As a mouse user the interface should be fairly intuitive.

  1. Register and Sign In

    To use devmark you first need to register. You do this by opening the extension after you have installed it and clicking the "Register here" link on the sign in page. You register by entering a username, email and password. Once you register you will be sent an email which contains an activation link. You need to click this link to activate your account (we force you to do this because without a valid email you'd be locked out of your account if you forgot your password). Once activated you can sign in by providing your email or username, along with your password. You can sign out from the extension by accessing the settings button in the bottom right of the extension and clicking the "Sign Out" link.
  2. Import bookmarks

    If you have existing bookmarks you can easily import them into devmark. To do this just open the extension and click on the settings icon in the bottom right corner. In the import section click on the "Import" link to be brought to a web page where you can upload your bookmarks. If you don't know how to get your bookmarks into a HTML file there is a link under the import button (in the extension) that will provide directions to do this for your specific browser. Similar to importing you can also export your bookmarks from devmark if you decide you no longer want to use it. The export file format is compatible with any modern browser. Please note: since devmark doesn't use a folder structure your bookmarks will not be categorized when exported.
  3. Create a new bookmark

    To create a new bookmark navigate to the web page you want to bookmark; then access the devmark extension. To the bottom left of the extension interface you will see a save button with the name of the current web page beside it. Clicking this button will save the page as a new bookmark. If a web page is already bookmarked the save button will show up as an edit button that allows you to edit it.
  4. Managaing and accessing existing bookmarks

    devmark was designed so that managing and accessing bookmarks is hassle-free. It does this by providing a search bar that you use to look up your bookmarks. For example if you want to access a bookmark relating to, say, youtube you could:
    • type ‘youtube’ into the search bar
    • type the first few letters of ‘youtube’ - ‘you’ - into the search bar
    • type in part of the name of the specific youtube clip
    Depending on the number and name of bookmarks you have saved different search strategies will provide better results. To edit/delete any bookmark look it up via the search bar - when it appears in the results menu click the ‘+’ icon when hovering over the bookmark and choose either Edit or Delete on the menu that opens up.
  5. Pin a bookmark; Create a shortcut

    Any bookmark created or imported into devmark can be pinned to the left-hand sidebar. When a bookmark is pinned it can also be assigned a shortcut key. This feature exists so that you can rapidly access your most used bookmarks. To pin a bookmark click on the ‘+’ icon that appears when you hover over it and click edit. Then click the pin checkbox, at this stage you can also assign a shortcut key. Currently you can only assign a single lower case letter or a single number as a shortcut.
  6. Using shortcuts

    When you open the extension the shortcuts will have focus and as such be triggered as soon as you click the corresponding key you bound to that bookmark. The keys show up beside each pinned bookmark so you can easily determine which key opens which bookmark. If you perform another action in the extension the shortucts will lose focus and you'll notice this since the assigned keys will disappear. To gain access to the shortcuts again you can click on the left-hand side panel they are situated on.
  7. Duck Duck Go integration

    devmark supports the use of Duck Duck Go bangs directly from the search bar. This allows your bookmark lookups to be easily reworked into a much broader reaching search if the bookmarks you were expecting don't show up. If you're not familiar with Duck Duck Go, it is a search that prioritises privacy and it provides what is called "bang" functionality. Check out how bangs works at

Learn Key Bindings

devmark was built so that the entire feature set (excluding the settings page) can be accessed entirely through the keyboard if that is your preference. This is done through predefined key bindings built into the extension. These key bindings follow common convention. Below you'll see how each feature can be accessed with the keyboard.

  1. Opening the extension

    The extension can be opened by pressing ctrl+m
  2. Tabbing

    The devmark extension was built with the expectation that keyboard users would primarily navigate through the interface components by using the tab button. When the extension is opened the quick launch (i.e. pinned shortcuts) have focus, hitting tab will move focus to the search bar, hitting tab once againg will move focus to the save button. Any further use of tab will just repeat this pattern. Remember it's possible to cycle backwards with shift+tab!

    When a feature has focus the very bottom panel of the extension provides a snippet of text detailing the action to be taken, such as: quick launch, search, save, etc.
  3. Shortcuts

    The shortcuts assigned to the pinned bookmarks allow your most used bookmarks to be opened rapidly just using the keyboard. For example to quickly open a shortcut a user could hit ctrl+m to open the extension and then, as an example, g to open Both actions can be performed in the space of a second allowing for fluent and rapid access to bookmarks.
  4. Search

    The search bar can be accessed via the tab key quite easily. But it can also be accessed by hitting the forward-slash (/) key. The search bar is used like a normal search bar, you enter text and hit enter. When the search results appear they can be navigated by tabbing through them. But more importantly, once a search result has focus (e.g. you tab to the first search result) a number of new key bindings become available:
    • h - return to the search bar, though you can still use forward-slash (/)
    • j - move down the results list by one (similar to tab), the main difference is that when you reach the end of the search results, pressing j will not move focus to the next UI component; whereas tab would
    • k - move up the results list by one (similar to shift+tab), the main difference is that when you reach the start of the search results pressing k will not move focus to the previous UI component; whereas shift+tab would
    • l or enter - launch the bookmark that has focus
    • c - edit (change) the bookmark that has focus
    • d - delete the bookmark that has focus
    • G (shift+g) - go to the last search result
  5. Edit/Delete menu

    The Edit and Delete menu's are best navigated by using the tab key and the shift+tab key.